• Health Care Amethyst Mattress
    Health Care Amethyst Mattress
    When the temperature reaches the preset temperature,the controller enters the automatic adjustment state to maintain the constant temperature.


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  • PVC Glove
    PVC Glove
    Product name:pvc gloveRaw material: vinylSize:XS,S,M,L,XLColor: blue,clear,blackApplication: Hospital,Barbershop, Beauty Salon,Working Plant,LabsGrade:AQL 1.5, AQL 2.5, AQL 4.0Certificate:CE: EN455-1/2/3/4, EN420; ISO9001; ISO14001


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  • 125Khz RFID Membership Card
    125Khz RFID Membership Card
    125Khz RFID Membership Card is professional use in Identify VIP user,it normal use in store,shop or KTV etc environment as member identification,we also support readwrite chip program information. Leave your contact details to get latest price. Specificat


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  • Plaster of Bandage
    Plaster of Bandage
    * gypsum & hemihydrate gypsum available* Least loss of gypsum power when bandage soaking* Steady setting time (Quickly dried type: 2-5min. /common type 4-8min)* Strong strength, good dry degree, never transfiguration, never damp beautiful fixed shape


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  • Draft Beer Tap Handles
    Draft Beer Tap Handles
    Draft beer is probably the reason that tap handles was originally made for. Draft beer is stored in a pressurized keg to keep cool can fresh and then dispensed through metal faucet or so-called tap.


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  • PBT Cohesive Bandage
    PBT Cohesive Bandage
    PBT Cohesive support bandage are designed for fixing dressings and immobilization splints on different parts of the body. They are also used as protective bandages.


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  • Medical Cotton Balls
    Medical Cotton Balls
    Medical cotton ball is a major medical dressing for hospital daily use. The material of medical uses of cotton is 100% of absorbent cotton fiber. Normally it is sterilized before used in medical applications, which including cleaning wounds, applying topi


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